Christopher Columbus…A Jew?

October 31, 2008 reports that Christopher Columbus, the famous  Spanish explorer who discovered America in 1492, was really and Exiled Jew! Truth be told, if you are interested in researching this topic more, I’d recommend reading the following 2 books:

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11 Responses to “Christopher Columbus…A Jew?”

  1. Harry Green on November 10th, 2008 7:03 am

    According to Walter F. McEntire in his 1925 review of findings published in is book entitled, WAS CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS A JEW. He discusses the family name, and the known fact that at least 3/4 of his blood was Jewish. He also discusses Christopher Columbus’ personality, and how he maintained business relationships with other Jews who were lending him money, “tax free” as required by Jewish Law. Countless examples portray Christopher Columbus as the Jew.

  2. albert lentz on February 23rd, 2012 2:36 pm

    I find your observations about Christopher Columbus—exactly the TRUTH; and in the midst of all of the Roman/Ecumenical/Mystery Babylon confusion—I firmly believe that this FACT of Christopher Columbus [THE JEW]— is paramount to the truth that there is a “true Judeo-Christian” lineage in the true foundational and constitutional America—–that is hid within the stream of time [As it pertains to this]!!!!! Without a doubt, Satan—by the Babylonian Roman System—has been fabricating lies in his attempt to be like the MOST HIGH [ISAIAH 14]; of which he will come close to fulfiling that devious goal, as we read in [II THESSALONIANS 2:4]!!! The Romans, by falsely claiming Christopher Columbus as their own, is setting up the “COMPLETE” takeover of the USA [And the World---by their New Ecumenical World Order]—of which Rome has “already” taken over the USA part, in the subtilty of secret underground [behind closed doors] liasons with the corrupted United States Government [AND the United Nations-----where the Pope of Rome now holds the position as the main peace adjuctant [so to speak]!!! By all of this, ROME has “SLITHERED Into” every Nation, every Religion, every Protestant Denominational church, and every fiber/fabric of human society worldwide!!! It has been widely reported that the Pope of Rome has even secured secretly, the rights to most all of the holy sites in Jerusalem; as well as the fact that he has even gained the Arab nod to be the “peace-peace” administrator of the Temple Mount/Mosque of Omar dispute—the UN also giving the Pope that same authority already!!! ALL of this is shaping up for HER—the great Roman WHORE of [REV. 13] [REV.17]—to have world dominance!!! That to me, is why this Christopher Columbus TRUTH [He a Jew]—has paramount significance, for it’s truth foils Rome’s ‘false claim’ that their son [in their evil mind], founded America; and by that false lie and assumption, SHE will “falsely” claim the USA/AMERICAS back as HERS!!! HER audacity and boldness, is also reflected in all of HER lies and claims about Saints Peter, Paul, Patrick, Joan of Arc, ETC… being saints of HERS [the apostle peter NEVER was in Rome---for the emperor had expelled all Jews during Peter's earthly sojourn---All "Roman" LIES, LIES, LIES]!!! Thse evil notions of HER is absolutes “tommyrot and hogwash”—for ALL of these True Saints, Scripturally opposed this “false christian impersonator and pretender”—called the Roman Catholic church!!! AMEN and amen!!!!!!!

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  10. Sean McVan on June 24th, 2016 9:03 am

    Christopher Columbus was an evil murderer, don’t think you should be to concerned about who he is related to. albert lentz the second commentator above seems a little to worried and comes off a bit racist and I think out of touch, I don’t think the pope or Catholics are that influential at all, in fact they like most religions in the western world are becoming less and less. If anyone discovered the america’s I would look to the Olmec civilization and mayans or native americans/Inuits.

  11. Crysta Colschen on July 3rd, 2017 12:11 pm

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