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An iPhone and a Mikvah!?!?

The title of this post sounds like a funny joke right?

I’m sure you’re all thinking to yourself, “where’s the punch line Rabbi?”

Truth be told, as I look at the title of this post I myself am still wondering what is a modern gadget doing in the same sentence with a mikvah, a word that connotes ancient tradition and holiness?

Well, welcome to the 21st Century Folks!

As you know, I’ve written about Jewish iPhone Apps before (see here).  But the recently released Mikvah iPhone App that aides couples with following the Jewish Laws of Family Purity, at first had me scratching my head…

I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of it.

However, after some thought and discussion with colleagues of mine, I came to the conclusion that if this new app can help even one couple keep the mitzvah of Taharas HaMishpacha (family purity) then the creators of this app will certainly have partaken in a great mitzvah.

Let’s be honest! To more people then you can imagine, keeping the mitzvot can be challenging and at times confusing. And yet, while there are a multitude of English books on this particular subject, one can still walk away dazed and confused. Sadly, I know of too many couples who just feel soo frustrated that they’ll give up, and no longer try to understand the procedure, or let alone consult a Rabbi!

However, this new iPhone App really simplifies the entire process. What’s more, it is clean and clear and the usability of the Mikvah iPhone App may very well even encourage couples to take upon this once confusing and challenging mitzvah!

What do you think? Does this help or hinder the mitzvah?

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