“…Rabbi Green will be a great asset to the world of Torah literature for years to come!”

Rabbi Aaron Parry, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Talmud

“I am so very grateful that Rabbi Green was able to come and present at our seminary. Our girls found him captivating and very eye opening. His message was one that they can practically apply to their day to day lives in a very significant way. One of my students testified that her only regret was that we did not record him. I hope to have him back for our future students! ”

— Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, Menaheles, Machon Basya Rochel Seminary

“Rabbi Green’s multi media presentation was a fascinating and eye opening experience. His creativity and ability to relate to the needs of this generation is truly unique!”

Rebbetzin Adela Buchsbaum, Mechanechet, Darchei Binah Women’s School for Advanced Torah

“I merited reviewing selections of 9 Spiritual Months. The author has delved into the words of our Sages, and offers a well researched anthology of Torah sources regarding the various stages of human creation…”

Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, Shlita, Chief Rabbi Emeritus of the Old City of Jerusalem

“Rabbi Michael Green is interesting, enlightening, and practical!”

Benjamin Shapiro J.D., nationally syndicated columnist and best selling author

“Rabbi Michael Green is an engaging speaker who manages to grab the audience’s attention and bring clarity to even the most obscure topics. He will leave you wanting more!”

Rabbi Chaim Karpel, TNT Director Emeritus, TORCH – Torah Outreach Resource Center of Houston

“Rabbi Green’s lecture was not only inspiring, but it touched the heart. It was filled with a combination of wisdom, spirituality and life lessons that can be appreciated by men and women of all ages.”

Melissa Drachman, Student, Florida International University

“Rabbi Michael Green should be recognized for his wonderful book. 9 Spiritual Months will be of great use to the Jewish community!”

Sorina Grisaru-Granovsky, MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

“I found Rabbi Michael Green to be especially relevant…he conveys vast knowledge and keen insight!”

Rabbi Zvi Gewirtz, Director of Development, Magen Lacholeh

“This book is a tremendous resource for every pregnant Jewish woman and her husband. Hundreds of footnotes testify to the exhaustive research of its author, leaving no source unturned in his search for inspirational and fascinating insights into pregnancy, birthing, and parenting a Jewish infant. This book taught me many things that I never knew before about pregnancy and Judaism.”

Chana Weisberg, M.S.W. Founder and Director of JewishPregnancy.org Author, Expecting Miracles: Finding Meaning and Spirituality In Pregnancy Through Judaism

“Rabbi Michael Green is a great teacher who delves into captivating subjects! His insight, passion and spiritual approach make his classes a delight for everyone involved. His class on Aliens & Judaism was so well received at Aish LA that people who attended are still talking about it!”

Sarah Dakar, Founder, Under The Chuppah Wedding & Event Production

“Rabbi Michael Green has written a primer on pregnancy that is absolutely indispensable for the Jewish home. In this wonderful book, you will discover fascinating information about the special spiritual quality of pregnancy – for both man and woman – as well as many rituals and customs that will only enhance your pregnancy, birth, and celebration of your newborn boy or girl. Once the pregnancy test comes out positive, rush to your bookstore and pick up a copy, so that the next nine months will be filled with the joy, warmth, and spiritual richness that you and your baby deserve!”

Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin Certified Mohel & Spiritual leader of  Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation (BAYT), Author, The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith

“There are many gems of wisdom packed into Michael Green’s book. He has plumbed the depths and served up the buried treasures of Judaism in an easy to read format, with practical lessons to turn ideas into reality. You can actually get a taste of mysticism and apply it to your life. His work is clear, articulated well, and based firmly in tradition. An unusual find!”

Rabbi Max Weiman, International Director, KabbalahMadeEasy.com

“I always receive amazing Torah insight from my private study sessions with Rabbi Michael Chaim Green. Rabbi Green’s lifetime of learning has taught him how to find pearls of practical wisdom and how to transmit deep ideas into a clearly comprehensible format…”

Greg Yavner, Porchlight Consulting LLC – Investment Due Diligence

“Rabbi Michael Green has been a treasure trove of jewels assisting us with a variety of technological know-how with warmth, graciousness and joy.”

Rabbi Avi Stewart, Heritage Retreats & Jewish Studies Network, Palo Alto, California

“5 Ways to Increase Your Spirituality, was written in a clear, practical way… the world would be a kinder place if everyone read and followed this book…this is a book that has so many gems that I had to take a highlighter to many sentences I wanted to refer back to and read over at specific times in my life… it is one of those books one reaches for when one wants to warm their soul and lift their spirit.”

Mrs. Marguerite Lindsey, NothingBinding.com

“A lovely collection of Jewish sources related to pregnancy and childbirth.”

Deena R. Zimmerman, MD, MPH, IBCLC, Yoetzet Halacha, Faculty, The Jerusalem Breastfeeding Center, Author: A Lifetime Companion to the Laws of Jewish Family Life

“This book is a treasure. It explores the spiritual component of pregnancy and childbirth in a way that is both fascinating and relevant. For one of life’s most dramatic physical experiences, how fitting to have a resource describing what is happening on the soul level. I only wish I had read a book like this during my pregnancies. This is a must read for all!”

Sheryl Neuman, M.D., M.P.H.

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