Below you will find a sampling of Rabbi Green’s most popular lectures. Rabbi Green personalizes his speaking engagements to impact and uplift the demographics of your audience! Please note: there are many titles possible for each talk.

iSoul: A Modern Guide to Spirituality

5 practical and relevant tools that will forever allow a person to tune in to Jewish wisdom, practice and spirituality. The life lessons you will acquire will forever enhance your daily life. Warning: This talk is known to leave an impact long after the presentation.

Judaism & The Environment

Join “The Green Rabbi” as you find out how Judaism has always been ahead of the times! Learn about how the Torah and our Sages discuss pollution, the preservation of trees and nature and the overall respect that we must have towards the environment.

The Kabbalah of Pregnancy

Based upon the acclaimed book, 9 Spiritual Months: A Treasury of Jewish Insights for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, this engaging talk is especially created to inform and inspire young couples and first time parents about the Jewish joys of pregnancy and parenthood.

Aliens in Judaism: Unlock the Secret!

Discover what Judaism has to say about the Extraterrestrial. An entertaining and interactive seminar that explores ancient Jewish sources and pop culture regarding life on other planets.

Superwoman: The Power of Jewish Women

An eye-opening talk that explores the powerful role that Jewish women have possessed since the dawn of time. This lecture reveals how Jewish women can rectify the sin of Eve and perfect Mother Earth.

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