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Why I have a Twitter Account?

For a slew of reasons, I never thought that I would join Twitter.

Even before it became mainstream and in use by CNN to The New York Times, I’ve been invited to join Twitter by people who are even decades older than me—and I’ve always politely declined.

That said, I’ve come to the realization that at least during the school year, I simply don’t have the time to consistently write posts on a daily basis and share original content, Torah thoughts, inspiration, and so on and so forth.

And yet, I believe that through the venue that is Twitter, it will enable me to share a “short vort” or an inspirational insight/saying from a piece of Talmud to one of the Mussar Masters.  In other words, this means that I don’t intend on using Twitter in the “conventional method” of announcing my every move. Likewise, being that over the summer I will be presenting a course at Ner LeElef Institute titled, Technology and Kiruv, it’s only fitting that I take Twitter for a spin.

All in all, I see Twitter as a vehicle to share with others how Jewish wisdom is relevant and powerful  and can enhance your daily life—even in a hundred or so characters.

I invite you all to join in the voyage here!

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