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Jewish Marketing: Tallking Babies!

The use of animated babies who talk or dance in a commercial, let alone an advertising spot is not new. In fact, a quick internet search will lead you to this Wikipedia page. A short perusal of that page will indeed reveal how various television programs or commercials have used babies to sell a product, raise a programs ratings, etc.
Let’s face! Babies are cute and can help move anything from water on up!
Indeed, recently, two baby ads have taken the world by storm. The first such ad, has received several million hits on YouTube and was originally commissioned as a commercial for Evian Water:

Following the smashing success of this campaign, used babies in their Super Bowl spot no less (see below)!! I’d imagine that they figured that by using babies, they’d be able to win over the millions of women that tune into this sporting event, in a simple quest to watch the entertaining commercials.

The above commercial, received much publicity! In fact, the maligned actress, Lindsay Lohan sued Etrade for a whopping 100 million dollars over the fact that she (and pretty much only she…) saw this add at another attempt to further soil her reputation.

However, what caught my eye, is that the Jewish world, in particular the Orthodox world, has now turned to the use of a talking baby to market the latest Jewish Chinese Auction. With the economy still in the slumps, trying to convince people to attend these fundraising events are getting seemingly increasingly more difficult. One can no longer simply place an add in The Jewish Press or Mishpacha Magazine and assume people will flock to the event! And so, A.T.I.M.E. has created a cute and funny campaign encouraging parents to attend their particular auction!

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below what you think…Do you think it’s about time that Jewish organizations are using such popular methods to publicize their events? Or would you rather they continue to try and let the general public know of these fundraisers through more heimishe methods!

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