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A Little Magic: Don’t See the Wheelchair! See the Person!

When I was a teenager, I once worked with a special needs boy for about four weeks over the summer.

I’ll admit: it was hard work, and it did not feel all that rewarding. However, at the end of the camp, the boy gave me a big hug at my knees. I still remember that hug to this day.

Not withstanding that one summer, I had never been exposed to the day to day needs of special needs children. Nowadays, our daughter Ora, who Baruch Hashem continues to progress, attends private physical therapy sessions twice a week at Gan Shikumei in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood of Jerusalem. As such, while she does not seem to be as physically delayed as a kid with CP for instance, both my wife and I now see special needs children–and their parents in a new light! We view them with a great amount of admiration and respect.

And so, I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this inspirational video about a young boy who joins a Little League team, despite the fact that he sits in his wheel chair, and can only talk using a electronic device. This whimsical tale takes a turn, when young Tom Ellenson’s dreams go large, as he lunches with Joba and A-Rod and gets invited to Yankee Stadium, to throw out the first pitch!

May we all be inspired to remember the beauty of LIFE that the Almighty gives to us all!

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