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It’s Raining it’s Pouring…

As a child I have may fond memories of sitting on our living room couch and seeing rain drops hit the window. This allowed me to sing, and rather loudly I might add, “It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring!” Unable to go outside and play or ride my bike along the bike path that seemed to adorn the Pacific Ocean, I would walk around the house singing this song and other rain related tunes in both Hebrew and English.

Nowadays however, the State of California, where I was born and raised, finds itself in a dire predicament. Indeed, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced that California is officially not just in a financial drought but an emergency drought as well. In fact, there’s even conversations of needing to ration off water!

In my current homeland, the Land of Israel, the state of our water supply is not that much better. While we have been fortunate to have received rain as of late, the Kinneret is still heavily depleted of its water. in fact, we have been recited a special prayer three times a day for there to be additional rain. As such, in a land that places such a high priority on water, I found this recent article rather compelling. All in all, with the coming of Pesach. we will no longer recite this prayer for rain. And so, I beseech upon every Jewish person, to pray for even the smallest amount of additional rainfall in Israel.

Every little drop helps!

Besides, we are all aware that rain, geshem, is an allusion for parnassah, livelihood. What’s more by beseeching the Almighty for rain in the Land of the Jews, one can also ask Hashem to mercifully look after us during this Economic Drought as well, and allow a different type of rain to still fall upon us!

You can follow/bookmark Israel’s daily water level here. More on this topic here (which is where the picture above is also from!).

Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha: Pictures, Updates & More!

Ora 3

Dear Friends and Family,

I can not begin this update without apologizing to all those who have emailed wondering how Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha has been doing. I’m sorry I haven’t responded until now. The fact of the matter is, that between all of my teaching and the additional responsibilities of serving as Overseas Director at Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Seminary, I haven’t found the time as of late to write an update on cute little Ora Green.

Truth be told this is a good thing!


Honestly, the fact of the matter is that we have begun to get back to a sense of normalcy. In other words, teaching, having guests for Shabbos, spending quality time with our other kids, and so on and so forth has begun to occur as of late…!!

And so, I believe that this is all a huge sign as to how Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha is improving—thanks to your continued Tefillah.

Week by week she is slowly putting on weight—she’s now over 8 pounds!! Indeed, she is making slow but visible progression at her twice a week physical therapy sessions, and her siblings love interacting with her. Best of all, we love watching her smiling and cooing back at Sima and Eliezer. What’s more, as of late, she’s even begun putting her pacifier in her mouth—by herself!

Now let’s be honest. I’m often stopped in the street or emailed, “should I still be Davening for your daughter?”

The answer is: Yes! Please continue! Her recovery will be a long but IMY”H continuously progressive one.

Clearly we have seen that through Achdus, Torah learning, Tefillah and a slew of other deeds that Klal Yisrael has performed, it has greatly impacted the immediate and long term prognosis of Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha. Honestly, from a simply medical perspective the virus that she contracted while in the womb is still in her and could very well still effect her for several years!

That said, the pejorative word is could…it is ultimately up to Hashem, the Rofei Cholei Amo Yisrael, to determine what will be the final outcome.

We have seen that many of the morose outcomes that the experts predicted, have not materialized, Baruch Hashem! And this is clearly because Tefillah Hei HaTerfufah, prayer is (also a) medicine!

As such, we call upon every one of you to further your words of Tefillah and pleas on her behalf to the Ultimate Creator, Hakodosh Baruch Hu, that she only continues to improve and progress!

Indeed, her existence continues to be an Ora, a light, to the greater Klal Yisrael—and even to the not yet religious brethren who live with us in Eretz HaKodesh. You see, Ora goes twice a week to Gan Shikumei, which has a lovely brand new building at the base of Bayit Vegan. The care, love, and attention we have been receiving there is to our knowledge, unheard of in Israel, and we are forever indebted to the staff, for their devotion to our situation. What’s more, I was asked, by the head of the program, a lovely women by the name of Malka, to speak to some of the parents in the program, and share with them the secrets as to how we, as parents, seem to always walk in the building and interact with Ora and her overall state, in such a continuously positive perspective.

As frum yidden, we know that there is no secret—it is clearly due to Emunah and Bitachon (parenthetically, I’d encourage everyone to read this post in terms of having Emunah in today’s economy) and our overall increased relationship with Hashem that has infused us with this ability to appear to the general public as: B’Simcha Tamid.

We didn’t always have this ability; but we feel that we’ve been on a Spiritual Exercise Program, and that Hashem has been our Personal Trainer, guiding us and silently encouraging us along the way. And now, looking back on the past couple of months, we see how much stronger we are as individuals and as a family through the birth of Ora. Unsurprisingly, now that we have reached this stage, Hashem is asking us to share some of the experience, and the wisdom that we attained from it, with others. And so, due to the birth of Ora, I will IMY”H be speaking in Hebrew and enlightening others with the Jewish secrets to never having to pursue happiness—but to always recognize that everything that Hashem does…IS FOR THE BEST.

Every time I look at Ora, even as I type this to you now as she is sitting here in her stroller and fondly gazing up at me, I think to myself and say, “Thank you Hashem for such a beautiful Miracle!”

What’s more, while one can brush it off and presume that the timing has just worked out for Ora’s Kiddush to finally occur, I believe it’s without coincidence that her Kiddush will be taking place IMY”H the 25th of Adar / March 21st, Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei. Not only will we be graced with the presence of Ora’s great-grandmother and great-grandfather, Rabbi and Mrs. Salomon Jacobovits of Washington Heights, but all of this simcha will culminate in the month that chazal state: m’shnechnas adar marbim b’simcha (when we enter the month of Adar we increase our state of happiness).  To that end, on behalf of my wife, we would like to extend an invitation to all of you who have davened, and are continuing to pray and learn for the continued health and refuah shelemah of our daughter: Ora Rachel Bas Tziporah Bracha…Thank you for your emails and words encouragement. Thank you for your conversations with Hashem, only He knows how much you have impacted our lives and the life of our daughter!

We hope that you can all make it to the Kiddush! Moreoever, we encourage you all to continue to forward these updates and invite those who we don’t even know but who certainly have aided in her recovery as well. If you will be in the neighborhood, we would love for you to stop on by…

Podcast #2: How to Put Your Rosh Back into Your Shana

Listen to an interactive and insightful class taught to Orthodox post high-school students at Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Seminary in which participants utilized Hebrew Source Sheets to discover how we can unlock the true purpose of the prayer and symbolisms of Rosh Hashannah. (42:48 min)


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