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It’s Raining it’s Pouring…

As a child I have may fond memories of sitting on our living room couch and seeing rain drops hit the window. This allowed me to sing, and rather loudly I might add, “It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring!” Unable to go outside and play or ride my bike along the bike path that seemed to adorn the Pacific Ocean, I would walk around the house singing this song and other rain related tunes in both Hebrew and English.

Nowadays however, the State of California, where I was born and raised, finds itself in a dire predicament. Indeed, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced that California is officially not just in a financial drought but an emergency drought as well. In fact, there’s even conversations of needing to ration off water!

In my current homeland, the Land of Israel, the state of our water supply is not that much better. While we have been fortunate to have received rain as of late, the Kinneret is still heavily depleted of its water. in fact, we have been recited a special prayer three times a day for there to be additional rain. As such, in a land that places such a high priority on water, I found this recent article rather compelling. All in all, with the coming of Pesach. we will no longer recite this prayer for rain. And so, I beseech upon every Jewish person, to pray for even the smallest amount of additional rainfall in Israel.

Every little drop helps!

Besides, we are all aware that rain, geshem, is an allusion for parnassah, livelihood. What’s more by beseeching the Almighty for rain in the Land of the Jews, one can also ask Hashem to mercifully look after us during this Economic Drought as well, and allow a different type of rain to still fall upon us!

You can follow/bookmark Israel’s daily water level here. More on this topic here (which is where the picture above is also from!).

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