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Mazel Tov! Ora Rachel bas Tziporah Bracha

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5 Names of The Hebrew Month Cheshvan

According to Jewish tradition the name of this month is traditionally referred to as: Cheshvan. However, here are a couple links that I have chanced upon over the years that explore all of the various names of this month. Enjoy!

  1. Cheshvan
  2. Mar Cheshvan
  3. Ram Cheshvan
  4. Mr. Cheshvan
  5. M’Rachashvan (see Reb Leibele Eiger’s Torath Emeth)

Part 3: Recycling in The Holy Land

While the State of Israel is rather technologically advanced (see here for a cool example) we still use paper-and a lot of it. As such, here’s a great way that the offices in Shaare Zedek Medical Center attempt to recycle paper. The Hebrew text reminds employees that this box is meant for paper only!

Google and God

Anyone who is remotely tech savvy is discussing the fact that Google has just introduced-Google Android. Another tool that Google previously released allows also allows users to talk to family and friends using the simple technology of VOIP and is called: Google Talk. Best of all…the sound quality is crystal clear.

In truth, I continue to stand in awe admiring all of the technology that Google offers. For example, Google Maps uses satellite imaging, that allows you to zoom in on your requested location. Oh…and the best part about a predominate amount of their tools is the price…FREE!

And so, while I’m ranting about the gadlus of technology, I would like to share the following mashal that I heard in the name of Rabbi Noach Orloweck:

Nowadays, many cars are being outfitted with a GPS System. In essence, satellites monitor your every movement and turn. And yet, if you stray from your path, a computer generated voice will always be there to calmly guide you back to your desired destination.

In a similar vane, God is always there observing and monitoring our every movement and action. And yet, if we stray from God, He will always be there to lovingly bring us back to His pleasant ways and a life of happiness and spirituality. All we need to do is-Listen!

Judaism and GPS
The GPS System for Life is called-the Torah. Through Torah knowledge a person can learn to avoid the bumps in the road called life, and instead arrive at their destination safely and happily.

In closing, while we live in a technologically advanced world (and in fact, many of you who view this blog embrace/or lean upon modern technology) we need to remember to forever drive on the Path to Perfection…The Path of God!

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