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Part 3: Recycling in The Holy Land

While the State of Israel is rather technologically advanced (see here for a cool example) we still use paper-and a lot of it. As such, here’s a great way that the offices in Shaare Zedek Medical Center attempt to recycle paper. The Hebrew text reminds employees that this box is meant for paper only!

Part 2: Recycling in The Holy Land

In continuation of the post here, we will now continue to discover various methods of recycling in The Holy Land. To that end, here are two photos of what the plastic bottle recycling bins look like in Jerusalem. Frankly, in my neighborhood I’m pleased to report that there’s an ample supply of these containers that seem to fill up and get emptied several times a month. The orange sign petitions people to recycle their plastic bottles because, “You pass me every day!”

Part 1: Recycling in The Holy Land

Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will explore how The Land of Israel does its part to “Go Green” and help the environment.

To your right is a picture of a recycling bin that reads:

Dear Citizen,

This container is for all types of paper.

To empty the container call 02-653-5944.

Thank you for your contribution towards improving the environment.

The Sanitation Department of the City of Jerusalem.

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