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Hashem & Technology

Hashem doesn’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but He is my favorite contact. He doesn’t have Facebook, but He is my best friend. He doesn’t have Twitter but I follow him nevertheless. He doesn’t have Foursquare, but He is always checked in. He doesn’t have Linkedin but I always feel connected to him wherever I may find myself. He doesn’t have Google but that’s OK because he’s God. He doesn’t even have internet, but I am connected to Him. And even though He has a massive communication system, He never puts me on hold!

Torah Thoughts on Privacy & Technology Stalking!

In today’s day and age it seems like people use a screen to not simply get their work done. Rather, we use smartphones or computer monitors to “zone out” or “chill.” Doing so is certainly important—but it should be done in moderation. Unfortunately, we all know people who are consumed with updating their Facebook status or playing Angry Birds to the extent that they don’t learn or consume their time with all the wonderful things that life offers us. Indeed, if one took a moment to contemplate the greater things in life, a person may  realize that from the advanced technological world in which we live in, we can further see the wondrousness of Hashem.

Recently, the media (see here) has been up in arms about the fact that Apple and Google are intensifying privacy concerns by tracking where and when people use their mobile phones. However, while this concern is real and genuine (and I encourage everyone to at least follow this easy step to secure their information on their iPhone) we need to heed the words of Dr. Pentland, director of MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, who helped pioneer research in this field. Pentland hit the nail on the head when he noted that, “people can get this god’s-eye view of human behavior.”

Here is the director of MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory admitting that this allows us to appreciate an insight into Hashem’s view of human behavior. As a child we are all told that Hashem is watching over us at all times and knows our very movements, thoughts, and actions (also see my earlier blog post on this topic Google and God). In contemporary times, I believe that Hashem is using technology to show us his greatness. For instance, through the invention of the telephone we witnessed that it is possible for one to talk to another person across continents; and from the smartphone we now see that it’s possible to know the thoughts, health and location of millions of individuals.

And so, we must realize that if companies are accessing this information, the Almighty sure can!!

Our task is to use this technologically advanced world that we live in as an impetus not for spiritual decline—but growth.

The next time we are yapping on our smartphone and are about to  speak about or watch something unbecoming for a Jew, we should remember that it’s not just Fortune 500 companies who will forever have this information on us—but the ultimate Creator as well!

For more on this topic, I encourage all to listen to Rav Mordechai Willig’s shuir titled, Privacy and Shared Information: The Torah Perspective.

Timely Pesach Related Links of Interest!

With Pesach soon approaching, I’m assuming that I won’t have time to write my thoughts on individual topics. As such, I’ve compiled a short list of Timely Pesach Related Links of Interest. I’m certain you will enjoy!

  • For all those who are also cleaning for Pesach, whether you are male or female, I urge you to check out this video and this article written by Jewish women that reveals a practical and spiritual side to Passover cleaning.
  • We live in an era in which people will use the following expression, “just Google it!” In fact, nowadays you’d be looked at as the funny one if you didn’t know what that weird sounding word that starts with a ‘g’ means. Accordingly, being that we live in the “Google Era” this video insight is a quick but relevant thought in terms of the eternal relevancy of Torah, which we ultimately merited to receive only after crossing the Red Sea.
  • Speaking of Google, this image of the Jewish people crossing the sea is inspired by Google Earth and is well worth viewing (see here for a couple more fascinating images using Google Earth. For another contemporary image of the Exodus see here) in that it will help you fulfill the obligation of visualizing that you too are crossing the Red Sea.
  • Various studies all come to one conclusion: Across the various denominations of Jewry, Passover is the most celebrated Jewish event. To that end, this recent study is worth paying attention to in that it sheds light on the future of the Jewish people. Remember it is on Passover that we officially became a Nation.
  • Finally, check out this relevant article that discusses Passover & four questions for a financial crisis.

Google and God

Anyone who is remotely tech savvy is discussing the fact that Google has just introduced-Google Android. Another tool that Google previously released allows also allows users to talk to family and friends using the simple technology of VOIP and is called: Google Talk. Best of all…the sound quality is crystal clear.

In truth, I continue to stand in awe admiring all of the technology that Google offers. For example, Google Maps uses satellite imaging, that allows you to zoom in on your requested location. Oh…and the best part about a predominate amount of their tools is the price…FREE!

And so, while I’m ranting about the gadlus of technology, I would like to share the following mashal that I heard in the name of Rabbi Noach Orloweck:

Nowadays, many cars are being outfitted with a GPS System. In essence, satellites monitor your every movement and turn. And yet, if you stray from your path, a computer generated voice will always be there to calmly guide you back to your desired destination.

In a similar vane, God is always there observing and monitoring our every movement and action. And yet, if we stray from God, He will always be there to lovingly bring us back to His pleasant ways and a life of happiness and spirituality. All we need to do is-Listen!

Judaism and GPS
The GPS System for Life is called-the Torah. Through Torah knowledge a person can learn to avoid the bumps in the road called life, and instead arrive at their destination safely and happily.

In closing, while we live in a technologically advanced world (and in fact, many of you who view this blog embrace/or lean upon modern technology) we need to remember to forever drive on the Path to Perfection…The Path of God!

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