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Part 1: Recycling in The Holy Land

Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will explore how The Land of Israel does its part to “Go Green” and help the environment.

To your right is a picture of a recycling bin that reads:

Dear Citizen,

This container is for all types of paper.

To empty the container call 02-653-5944.

Thank you for your contribution towards improving the environment.

The Sanitation Department of the City of Jerusalem.

What’s Love Gotta Do With it?

Leviticus 19:18 instructs us to, “Love your neighbor as yourself!” Walking around the Holy City of Jerusalem I came across a bumper sticker, written in Hebrew with the above mentioned verse. However, what got my attention was not the quote per se, but the fact that it was written in GREEN Hebrew letters, symbolizing that a way in which all of us can easily show love and respect for one another is through being as person who actively attempts to be friendly to the environment! Accordingly, I thought it was worth briefly sharing with all my friends, that one of my favorite online sites, Amazon.com, has added an Amazon Green section, which lists products customers have selected as most environmentally-friendly, from household items to electronic gadgets.

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