Podcast #3: A High Holiday Lesson We Can Learn from a Bagel!

Using a practical insight from the business world this Podcast reveals an important lesson and reminds us all that the Torah is so very important to us! (5:21 min)


Podcast #2: How to Put Your Rosh Back into Your Shana

Listen to an interactive and insightful class taught to Orthodox post high-school students at Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Seminary in which participants utilized Hebrew Source Sheets to discover how we can unlock the true purpose of the prayer and symbolisms of Rosh Hashannah. (42:48 min)


Podcast #1 – Rosh HaShannah: A Quick Secret to Avoiding a Traffic Jam

Listen to this quick and refreshing version of The Rabbi Green Podcast and you’ll finally be able to make your New Year’s Resolution stick like honey! This episode will be enjoyed by both scholar and layperson alike. (6:37 min).


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