Baby Bottles

March 18, 2009

With the economy taking up the headlines these days, it is very plausible that a person can easily overlook “the rest of the story.” Accordingly, being that our daughter Ora is the first of our children to use a bottle, I was glad to hear that the US has now joined Israel and Europe in banning BPA battles.

A Philips spokeswoman pointed out that stores and customer demand made the choice a simple one: “We made a business decision to move out of BPA. Babies R Us was banning it, Target was going to, CVS was going to, and so the distribution channels were lessening and lessening. We felt like we had hit a tipping point with our consumers and with our retailers.”

On another note, we are very pleased with these Dr. Brown’s bottles (no not the beverage!) that our daughter has been using for the past couple of months. So if you are looking, or will be shopping around in the near future for a great BPA free bottle, Ora gives her two thumbs up!

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