Did you know that Chometz is a mnemonic?

April 7, 2009

The following nmemonic is excerpted from “The Short Vort Email”  of Rabbi Ron Yitzchak Eisenman:

I give a brocha that all of us this year (and of course myself as well), that we should truly be able to rid ourselves prior to Pesach of all of our Chometz. The physical Chometz and the spiritual Chometz as well:

What is the spiritual Chometz that I am referring to?

Chometz is spelled- ches, mem, and tzadik.

Ches- stands for Chutzpah. May I be privileged this year to remove and to burn from within me all of the Chutzpah which I can sometimes display towards others. Chutzpah in all of its forms is insidious and damaging, it destroys families and marriages. All of us should do our best to rid ourselves of this venomous character trait of being Chutzpadik. Do not think this malady is limited to the children of the community; not true, all of us must work and work hard to eliminate this trait from ourselves!

Mem- Stands for Machlokes. How we go into Pesach when in certain families the fire of Machlokes is raging? How can we stand and burn the Chometz when inside we are enraged with the fire of anger and machlokes against our spouse or our neighbor? This year before Pesach we must destroy the poison of Machlokes from among us.

Tzadik- (self) righteousness. We have to rid ourselves of our feeling of self-righteousness. We are constantly declaring ourselves to be righteous and correct. How often when we are involved in our family issues do we become obstinate and self-righteousness, refusing to apologize and forgive and forget in order to make peace. We use our feigned status of tzidkos – feigned piety- to allow situations of Machlokes to continue and fester.

We must rid ourselves this Pesach of the false tzidkos- false piety -which interferes with our serving Hashem.

We should attempt to be forgiving and not standing on our ‘principles’.

And before I forget, check out Rabbi Eisenman answering one of the most hilarious questions related to the Pesach Seder I’ve ever heard: “How do you open the door for Elijah the Prophet when one is in a submarine?”


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