VIDEO: Shyne Gives Shuir!

June 6, 2011

For months now, young and old residents of Jerusalem have been intrigued by the comeback rapper Shyne (a.k.a Moshe Levy). After years of incarceration for a New York City club shooting, he has been studying here with the likes of Jeff Siedel and Belz Chassidim.  In addition to his Torah learning, he is still working on his rap career. Sharon Udasin wrote an article this week that covered both the opening of Israel’s first solar field by Arava Power Company and Shyne unveiling his newest song, “Solar Energy.”

However, what isn’t written about, and by extension, what people don’t know is that he is full of inspirational words of Chizuk. Below is the full video of his shuir that took place at Yeshivat Ohr David. He incorporated his story with relevant nuggets of Torah that he was currently learning. He told the boys that in prison he used his time to get close to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. “For eight years straight,” revealed Shyne, “I davened Shacharis at sunrise!” He said that he knew that if he started his day with Tefillah and Tefillin, it will protect him from danger that surrounds him.

All in all, while I can not attest as to where his Hashkafos are or where he is “holding,” I did hear him state that when it comes to his rap music, “I don’t use profanity and I just have a different conversation now. I rap about people who stand idly by while others need help. I always prayed to G-d before shows and I never had girls or drugs on stage!” Likewise, he was very matter of fact when he pointed out that one shouldn’t think that he doesn’t have temptations, but “I know that there is a G-d above and that I’m going to have to answer to him.”

And so, if you know someone who is need for a bit of Chizuk, Shyne is certainly someone who will enlighten any neshama at any level!

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