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Donald Trump’s Kosher for Passover Vodka!

I really should have posted this here when I saw this billboard last summer. However, with the upcoming Purim holiday, I’d be remiss to not feature these images here. Indeed, at first glance one might think, “is this a Purim prank!?!?!” After all, Donald Trump is known for hawking anything and everything under the sun from hotels to menswear! And yet, when I was walking down the hill that leads into the Charedi community of Sanhedria Murchevet I could not believe my eyes. There was “The Donald” grinning and offering his Trump Vodka to all the people who might see the billboard. What’s more, the billboard boast that it has not one but two Kosher certifications (one of them being a Badatz Hechsher) and is also Kosher for Passover!

That said, I went to Trump.co.il and could not find anywhere on the site that confirmed that it is Kosher let alone for Pesach. Still, being that the Twitter world was up in arms with the picture that Donald Trump’s daughter tweeted of her homemade Hamentashen here I figured that I’d share another Jewish item that comes from the Trump Mishpacha! Purim Sameach :-)

Flickr user Avital Pinnick also saw this billboard and I used her picture as the picture above.

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