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Keeping Kosher on an Airplane Part 1

Keeping kosher is seemingly easier than ever before. Wherever you turn you can find a slew of kosher products bearing at least one reputable kashrus symbol on the front or back of the product. However, when it comes to keeping kosher on an airplane, things can get tricky. For instance, people need to be aware of issues such as, should one wash or not wash on “mezonos rolls,” and the topic of ordering coffee on an airplane (see number eight here).

One issue that I’d like to bring to light is that the kosher consumer should even be aware of the kashrus of their soft drink!

Case in point, I was recently on a flight that departed from Israel and was headed to Newark, New Jersey. I had ordered a Coke Zero, which is a soft drink that is considered kosher both in Israel and North America. Still, (and this was the second time that this has happened to me on this type of flight) I was handed a can that originated from of all places Japan!

I don’t have a clue as to how this can of soda got to Tel Aviv, and then was on a plane headed to the United States. What I do know is that you can’t just drink any can of Coca-Cola and assume it’s kosher. Donneal Epstein, in his book, Halachos for the Traveler writes as follows:

And so, while I was really  counting on that caffeine, I decided to pass on drinking the can of Coke Zero. I encourage all of you kosher consumers out there to be diligent—even when it comes to ordering a soda aboard an airplane!

photo of the plane via caribb

Saying Thank You to Ora’s Hospital

During Ora’s stay in the hospital, she had stints of three weeks each at Hadassah Mount Scopus and Hadassah Ein Kerem. To the medical staff at Hadassah, we will forever owe you a great amount of Hakaras HaTov for your work and commitment to LIFE.

All things considered, I’ve spent more time then I would wish upon anyone in both Hadassah’s! And so, I found this particular article very interesting and would encourage you all to read it!

Likewise, Rafi’s review of the kosher scene in Hadassah as well as what one should expect from a “Hadassah Shabbos” is, both comprehensive and accurate. Not that any one should know from such things,but reading it before hand sure would have come in handy! Additionally, if you live in America and read his post it really shows you what it’s like to be in a hospital in The Holy Land.

Please note: the building pictured to your right, is adjacent to the famous Chagall Synagogue (see below) and is also the still relatively new pediatric building in which Ora received an additional three weeks of care.

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