The Jerusalem Life Magazine Interviews Rabbi Green

April 15, 2011

I am honored that The Jerusalem Life magazine decided to feature me for this month’s, Who’s Who: Personalties Around Jerusalem column. This periodical is enjoyed by thousands in Jerusalem and its surrounding cities, and always seems to contain practical articles relating to educating ones children within the framework of Israeli society, insights into family development, and much more. Hence, when a number of months ago, Mrs. C.B. Gavant, a writer for The Jerusalem Life, contacted me hoping that I would agree to be interviewed for the Who’s Who: Personalties Around Jerusalem column, I decided to comply with her request. In so doing, I granted her access into my daily life as well as a bit of the back story into how we settled in Eretz Yisrael!

Now months removed from the interview, I remain truly humbled with how the final piece came out. Likewise, I thank all of you who already read the article and called or emailed saying how much you enjoyed the piece.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t reiterate what I was quoted as saying, namely that, “I wouldn’t be here if not for her [my wife].” And so, although the title of the piece referenced me as a “rising star,” I want to express my thanks once again to Hashem as well as the true star in my life: my wife! After all, it is she who allows and enables me the unique opportunity to wear the various hats mentioned in the article.

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